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Idaho License

General Checklist for Applicants
Questions?  Call (208) 327-7000, x229.

must use forms provided by the Board and all sections must be complete.  Please type or print in ink.  Applications must be legible. A Pre-Application Form can be found online at the State Board of Medicine site.  Once the Board receives your pre-application form, you will be sent a licensure packet with all necessary forms.
Front page of applications:  If applicant has not applied for registration/licensure in other states, write "Not Applicable" in the appropriate section.

Back page of application:

  • Chronological account of time--Account for all periods of time beginning with the month of graduation to the present time, leaving no gap in time of more than one month.  Attach additional pages if necessary.
  • Questions--Answer all questions 1-7 or 1-8.  Provide details, if necessary, on a separate sheet.  Court documents may be required.
  • Photo--Does not need to be a professional photo, but no instant photos, and no Polaroid photos.  A snapshot taken of the head and shoulders only, with a 35mm camera, is a good choice.  A signature on the front of the photo is required.
  • Notarized--It must be notarized and signed in all of the appropriate places.

Certificate of Professional Education:  Fill in the top section.  Be sure to indicate the degree and the field of study, the date degree was received, and sign at the bottom of the section.  Send this form to the school (Dean, Program Director, Secretary) where applicant received professional education.  The form will then be sent by the school to the Board of Medicine.

Certificates of Recommendation:  This form may be duplicated.  This is required from every state where the applicant has ever held a license/registration and must come directly from the state to the Board.  NOTE:  Most states require a fee for this service, paid in advance.  It is strongly suggested that you contact the state(s) prior to sending your request to prevent delays and to determine the best way to send required fees.

Verification of National Registration/Certification: Must come directly from the agency to the Board of Medicine.

FAXED supporting documents can be accepted, but the hard copy is required as well.  The applicant's section of the application cannot be faxed.  FAX# (208) 327-7005.

No practice is permitted prior to issuance of a registration/license number.

Applicants are advised not to enter irrevocable contracts, purchase or sales agreements, on the assumption that licensure will be granted.

Notes from Your ISRC Representative:

In regard to filling out and sending in your application for licensure.

  1. When in doubt, call the Board of Medicine and ask.  They are there to help you and they are the ones to get the correct answers from.  A well-meaning friend may think they know the answer to a question, but if they are wrong it will cost you time in resubmitting your application.
  2. Do not plan on working on patients until you have your license in hand.
  3. Recheck your application against the provided checklist prior to sending it in.  Errors on your paperwork will delay the application process.
  4. Common errors:

    • Make sure the picture you send fits the Board's needs.  It needs to be of a quality as to be copied for their records and a picture of proper size. Sign the picture as directed in the check-off list.
    • Get your application notarized.  A bank is a good place to find a notary public.
    • Make sure everything is signed where needed.
    • And, YES, you are responsible for getting your references to fill out their forms correctly.
    • You are also responsible for getting NBRC to send your verification form into the Board.  It is not the Board's responsibility to request this from NBRC.
    • In the pre-application form, under PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION--fill in the school you attended--not the degree earned.