ISRC HOD Student Mentorship

ISRC HOD Student Mentorship

ISRC is looking for a student to represent Idaho at the House of Delegates meeting in 2019.  Below you can find the information regarding the requirements.

HOD Student Mentorship requirements:

  1. You must be an active AARC Student member.
  2. You must submit a letter of recommendation from either your Program Director or Clinical Director.
  3. You must submit, not later than August 26, 2019, an essay to Jeff Anderson, Delegate for Idaho at and include in the subject line “I Want to Go to AARC International Congress and House of Delegates!” so it doesn’t get missed. Make sure you receive a confirmation of receipt within a few days.
  4. At the head of the essay include your name, address, phone number, school and AARC member number.  Entries without this information will not be considered.
  5. Give your essay a creative title.  On a single page, in size 12 font, explain why we should send you to Congress and how attending the House of Delegates meetings will help you and the ISRC. When you return, we would like you to write up a summary of your experiences so we can share it with others.
  6. The Idaho Delegates and the ISRC Executive Committee (Respiratory Care faculty/ program associates excluded) will be selecting the winners.  We will consider grammar, spelling, why you believe the HOD and the AARC are important, and your ability to clearly express yourself.  
  7. Involvement in the ISRC in some capacity will earn additional points.

If you are selected, here’s what we expect of you:

  1. You will commit yourself to be available for both the International Congress and House of Delegates, including a mixer the evening before the HOD meeting. The ISRC will reimburse you for airfare after you submit your receipt for your ticket if we are unable for any reason to get your airfare charged directly. You will sign an agreement to reimburse the ISRC for all non-reimbursable expenses in the event you cancel your trip.  You will provide receipts to the ISRC Treasurer.

NOTE:  The AARC provides free National Congress registration to any students attending the full two days of the Fall HOD meeting (must be registered student delegates). You will be responsible for any additional housing costs. This is a tremendous opportunity for any student!

  1. You will be representing the ISRC at the meetings.  Therefore, you will show up on time for meetings, dress appropriately (business casual), and conduct yourself properly.  

The BOD will determine the winner by September 10th and notify that individual by email.  We will recognize the winner of the essay contest during the ISRC State Conference in spring.  GOOD LUCK!

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